About Vertical Aeroponic Farming?

Aeroponic farming simplifies the entire cultivation process, allowing for a more convenient and accelerated path to bountiful, nutritious crops.

Aeroponic Grow Farms: Produces up to 30% Greater Yields 3x Faster When Compared to Traditional Farming Methods. Seedling Harvest Cycle is Typically 22 to 24 days

Aeroponic farming systems are versatile, offering solutions for both residential spaces and large-scale commercial growing operations. As a result, the system caters to agritourism, restaurants, and other agriculture professionals seeking to optimize their farming techniques. Moreover, Urban Smart Farms can provide the expertise and support needed to materialize your dream garden, regardless of your vision.

How Vertical Aeroponic Grow Towers Work

Proven Potential

Grow 250,000 Plants Per Acre in a Vertical  Aeroponic Farm

A single vertical Aeroponic Farm tower:

  • Grows 52 Plants Per Grow Cycle (low density tower)
  • Grows 196 Plants Per Grow Cycle (high density tower)
  • Each Tower Takes up Less than 6 sq ft.
  • More than 150 Different Plant Types Grow in Aeroponic Farm towers
  • Delicate Herbs, Greens, and Hearty Fruiting Crops like Tomato and Squash.

FDA food grade-compliant, UV-stabilized plastic are designed to survive decades!

What Can You Grow In A Vertical Aeroponic Farm?

In a Vertical Garden, various factors contribute to successful plant growth. These include the availability of light, appropriate climate conditions, high-quality seeds and seedlings, and ongoing maintenance.

When it comes to deciding which crops thrive in Vertical Gardens, most individuals are eager to learn about the top-performing options. However, it’s crucial to remember that a plant’s success goes beyond the type of crop. Numerous factors can affect the growth and harvest, regardless of which aeroponic tower is used.

Our extensive experiments have encompassed roughly 200 different crop varieties, both indoors and outdoors. Based on our findings, we have discovered the following crop recommendations:

Leafy Greens & Lettuce

Vertical Gardens and Vertical Farms excel in producing high crop yields and nutrient-dense leafy greens (such as chard, kale, spinach), various lettuces, and aromatic herbs.

This heightened productivity is precisely why most Vertical Gardeners prioritize these plants when considering profitability in farming. In other words, for personal or commercial Vertical Garden usage, leafy greens, lettuces, and aromatic herbs should undoubtedly top the list.

Fruiting Vegetables in a Vertical Garden

Fruiting vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, chili peppers, squashes, and cucumbers, also thrive in Vertical Gardens. Nonetheless, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when cultivating such plants on an aeroponic tower.

Microgreens Flourish on Vertical Tower Gardens

Growing an abundant variety of edible and ornamental flowers is a breeze with the cutting-edge Vertical Garden system.

Regular towers have 52 planting ports, while the high-density towers features 196 planting ports.

When harvesting crops from the regular towers, the whole plant is pulled out of the tower with its root system. However, harvesting from the high-density towers’ crops are fresh cut approximately every 10 to 12 days when they are 8 to 12 cm (3 to 4 inches) long. The root system, the medium (rockwool or coco coir), and the roots of the plants remain in the tower so that they can grow again. On average, for every single harvest on the regular towers, 3 harvests will be required for the baby greens during the same timeframe.

Our primary focus is cultivating microgreens, as well as those that serve as natural insect and pest deterrents. 

In the realm of aeroponic tower systems, an impressive variety of crops is available for cultivation. With countless options at your disposal, finding the perfect fit for your system should be a breeze. This innovative approach to agriculture not only makes it easier to grow crops in limited spaces but also encourages the exploration of new and exciting plant varieties to add to your garden. Dive into the expansive world of aeroponic tower gardening and learn about the many plants that can thrive in this modern setup

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